30th August 2020

Why is HMRC sending letters to business owners?

HMRC has sent out letters concerning possible repayments to around 3,000 businesses that claimed wages for furloughed employees through the Coronavirus Job
28th August 2020
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What should small business owners look for from an accountant?

Unless you are experienced in dealing with the financial management involved in running a small business, hiring an accountant could mean the difference between success and […]
26th August 2020

What does the new COVID-19 SME survey reveal?

A new survey of SMEs conducted by Purbeck Insurance Services shows that around one third of small businesses managed to weather the COVID-19 crisis without any […]
25th August 2020

When can I submit my self assessment?

Self Assessment Tax Returns are used by HMRC to collect Income Tax. If tax is not deducted from any salary, pension or savings, taxpayers must file […]